the 747 Airlines Insignia The 747 Airlines Insignia was designed by the co-founders--Sirsu, ATM, and Anubis and adopted for use in 1956. It was retired between 1965-1993. In 1994, it was reinstated and is presently 747 Air’s official identifier. The insignia (commonly referred to as “Orbit”) reflects the history and continued promise of continuous flight (only launching, never landing). It must be included on all agency publications, displays, visual communications and markings.

The 747 Insignia contains the following elements:

*Fig. 4: Designed in 1956 by co-founders Sirsu, ATM, and Anubis, the 747 Airlines Insignia contains the following elements: The Sphere represents endless possibility, and the bodies of floating rock that soar over perpetually. The Orbit represents the cycle of flight that never ends. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of perpetual flight.
NOTE:  Strict guidelines govern the use of the 747 Insignia. The standards for the use of the 747 Insignia, the 747 Air Logotype and 747 Air Stamp are in accordance with the Creative Commons Licensing and the FAT Monopoly Act of 1973 as amended.  

747 Airlines Insignia, Logotype, and Stamp can be used as devices for other projects and purposes as they are freely remixable in accordance to our cc0 framework. However, as free use these assets are, usage does not imply endorsement of any third-party projects unless specified via our advertising, minting, dress, promotions, or similar marketing purposes by the 747 Airlines Cabin Crew.

Insignia Versions
The Insignia has 3 main variations: a one-color insignia, one-color with black rule, and one-color with white rule. The most appropriate version of the variations of the Insignia should be used based on production requirements, media qualities, visibility and approved usage.

Main-color Insigna

One-color Insigna with black rule

One-color Insigna with white rule

using the 747 Airlines Insignia
Insignia Colors
When rendering the Insignia in color, use these guidelines:

747 Airlines Main Color Insignia Colors
Configuring the Insignia
Our Insignia is made for a wide variety of configurations and layouts from print to digital media. Below is not an exhaustive list, but a comprehensive set of placements you can have with the Insignia: