the birth of 747 Airlines There has been a recent surge of profoundly irresponsible airline corporate actors, endangering so many with its reckless lack of regulatory compliance and seeming indifference to a plummeting share price, that it has become the perfect traditional behemoth that deserves deep fried memeification. If web3 loves anything, it is an ironic roasting of the pillars of traditional finance and industry, and now is the time to go off on the airline industry in a memeified conceptual art project.*

*Fig. 3: 747 Airlines Promo Ad from 1977
747 Airlines is a satirical parody of the 1960-80's era of flight travel mainly because all of them used boeing planes and most of those airlines had multiple crashes then as much as they do now. The kick is that in our world, an amalgamation of these companies are not only the manufacturer, but an Airline, runs the FAA (now called FAT, Federal Aviation Tribune) and everything else to do with planes. It's a full monopoly.

To us, the world has always been 1965 and we have no impetus to change it. 2024 social media, golden year sensibility.

NOTE: We advise avoiding referencing “trademarks or brand names” specifically as they are notoriously litigious. Instead, let’s focus on 747 Airlines, the inference is implicit.
important events March 1958 
The 707 took off from Miami to Paris, the first 747 Airlines flight.
September 1963
747 Airlines introduced the $memberHaus coach lounge in all 747 Air Jetliners. 
July 1977
747 Airlines had flown its first one million customers.
February 1989
Cabin Crew, the first 747 Airlines Brand Ambassador Program is launched.
October 1997
The 747 Airlines website launches.