vip liquidity programspring ‘24 Introducing the 747 Airlines VIP Liquidity Provider Program. The Richest Liquidity Program in the world.

For our most audacious and supportive customers, 747 Airlines offers a 24/7 VIP experience for those who provide liquidity. True VIPs understand the importance of liquidity to help grow the status of 747 Airlines. As such, we’ve created the VIP Liquidity Provider program to secure the best liquidity miners the skies have to offer. This exclusive program rewards 10% of crash token supply to Uniswap V3 liquidity providers on a 1% fee. 

Thanks to our supportive partners in Coinvise, our custom Uniswap integration facilitates a simple claim mechanism, from which our VIPs can withdraw rewards once thresholds are met. The program is strictly first come, first served, and reward tiers are structured as follows: 

The VIP Frequent Flyer Program Claims are open and for our early passengers, who’ve supported the project since day one, you are encouraged to visit our Convise claims page once the 30 day minimum has been met. If you’re unsure if this is you, simply check days since your relevant transactions on basescan. 

We are excited to support our VIPs and welcome you to our exclusive, hyper plush lounge in any of our 747 Airlines fleet. To learn more about our VIPs, please visit any tier in our Coinvise claim page below. 

Silver VIP

Gold VIP

Platinum VIP

Diamond VIP

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