Weight and Balance Procedures
747 Airlines Tokenomicsspring ‘24 Official service and procedures guide for $CRASH

At launch, we created 74.747 billion tokens ($CRASH) through tokepad, with over 35% in an open launch to 747 Airlines passengers. 20% has been allocated to form our liquidity pool, mining, and administer airdrops. 15% will support our team, Cabin Crew, potential investors and an additional 5% for the broader ecosystem. The remaining 20% will be used as flex for incentivized rewards through LP, IRL activations, and more.

Tokepad owns 5% of the supply as a fee for being our token deployer.

NOTE: $CRASH is a meme token. While tokenomics is used to provide clarity on how the token will be distributed, we urge you to do your own research. This is not financial advice!

Open Launch
Airdrop 1
Airdrop 2
Airdrop 3
Liquidity Pool
Liquidity Mining
Token Fee 
Systems Check  Airdrops [HighMiles, Coinvise, etc]: 
24% of funds have been distributed. 
Description  Status Supply %
Coinvise Claim Drop    Circulating            0.5%
HighMiles Season 1 Circulating 1.45%

Liquidity Mining:

0% of funds have been distributed. Distribution period begins April 15th. 
Description  Status Supply %
Liquidity Mining Season 1       Locked 0.5%
HighMiles Incentives Locked 0.01%

Liquidity Pool:
100% of funds have been distributed. Each week, 100% of our NFT rewards are put towards increasing the LP pool. These rewards act as an overage as we gain both $crash and eth from our assortment of mints.
Description  Status Supply %
Uniswap LP (v3) Circulating 5.00%
Rocketswap LP (v2)*          Circulating 0.37%

*For Rocketswap, this was the initial pool created from the Tokepad deployment. The LP for these tokens has been burned, but we have focused our efforts in deploying a friendlier pool to mine and contribute to with our 1% UniV3 pool.

75% of funds have been distributed. 
Description  Status Supply %
Flight Crew [founders]                 Vesting 7.5%
Cabin Crew [creative team] Vesting 5%
Stack Circulating 0.01%