brand contributor guidespring ‘24 Introducing the 747 Airlines Brand Contributor Program. Being fly isn’t hard. Staying fly is the true test of character.

At 747 Airlines, the goal is to evoke the feeling of travel that is no rules, no safety, all fun. This document is meant to establish a clear throughline of our role as an Airline providing the most luxurious inflight experience the world has ever seen. Issued under the authority of the newly formed FAT (Federal Aviation Tribune), we are obligated to provide a working manual of all graphic standards to ensure you are successfully proliferating 747 Airlines as intended.

For other non-creative focused ways to support 747 Airlines, please refer to our Frequent Flyer VIP Program

NOTE: The 747 Airlines insignia, identity, and imagery is public domain. The use of all of these assets utilizes a cc0 license. Anyone can make content , brand contributors however are given larger capabilities within the 747 Airlines project.
The Birth of 747 Air
The 747 Insignia
The 747 Logotype
Typography[soon] Supporting Assets [soon] General Guidelines [soon]
becoming a cabin crew member At 747 Airlines we value and support our brand contributors. They are the extension of us and as such, we encourage them to create a body of work that encapsulates the spirit of lawless, exotic travel. 

*Fig 1: Guide for becoming a brand contributor
Here’s how it works: 
Prospective contributors take our brand assets and create a collection of memes in accordance to our guidelines.

Prospects submit their work to our 747 Airlines Meme Intake Form (Form 707-B)

Prospects will be tagged if their work is used on our socials and added to the larger meme collection, and if the work is to be minted, they will be invited to our Zora Collection Contract to mint the work themselves.

Prospects with minted works become part of the 747 Airlines Cabin Crew where you will share in a 470M pool of $CRASH. 

Contributor to Refueling Pipeline
Minted works earn eth which enables 747 Airlines to refuel* (liquidity) all aircraft mid-flight without having to land. This refueling mechanism can happen far more frequently and significantly as our memes become collected by passengers and passerby alike.

*Fig 2: Illustration of 747 Airlines refueling mechanism


Brand Assets
Zora Collection
Token Contract
Twitter Account
Warpcast Channel
Warpcast Account